Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simple Elegance Table Dressings Debut

Welcome Creative Folk! I want to celebrate the debut of a new pattern, Simple Elegance Table Dressings, a 5-pattern set to dress your dining table. The pattern includes designs with unique styling for plate mats, table pads, scarf (runner) and 2 unique napkin styles. Wait til you see what the table layouts look like--graphically stunning! What else is cool about this pattern is that one sewing operation produces 2 distinct looks for your table--the pattern is reversible! Considering that there are no bindings to fuss with and no hand sewing, you'll want sets for each season--the pattern is beginner-easy and includes discreetly placed metric measurements for our far-away friends.
The pattern images feature "Holiday Splendor" and "Garden Party", the textiles of Yolanda V. Fundora for Blank Quilting (see sidebar for acquiring the Fundora textiles). The "Holiday Splendor" line makes a truly splendid table setting for the holidays--plenty of time to get started now.
The images below this posting show various combinations of layouts for cuttings generated from making pattern components. I'm sure you can think of several more combinations to make up an additional little project or two. The pad shown above is one such project I whipped up from cuttings using the same techniques in Simple Elegance Table Dressings. You'll get plenty of mileage out of this pattern for years to come. Happy Sewing Travels!

Simple Elegance Table Dressings Pattern Cuttings