Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Seaming Batting Sections

It occurred to me while piecing together a batting that learning quilters might like a photo or two of how it can be done. The batting I used on my last quilt is 100% cotton needled batting and to widen it, I attached a strip. You'll have to do your own figuring for sizes according to your individual project. Make sure the two sides you will join are straight-edged, and place 2 together, straight edges aligned. Hand baste a running stitch all along the edge (don't pull tightly--just enough to keep edges snug together). By leaving just a little slack in the tension, when you lay out the batting flat, the thread will flatten into the batting and appear "seamless". Hand sew your batting 4 or 5 inches and give it a test flattening to make sure the tension is suitable.