Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome to Creative Folk

Creative Folk Quilting is a company of 3: Me, Myself, & I. We all get along famously and are never a crowd. We trio have a distinct advantage over other multi-member companies I know--we all wear the same size and swap clothes shamelessly. One day I had a thought: "Let's make patterns and share creativity!" So here we are, rambling on like idiots in cyberspace.
Okay, I know what you're thinking right about now: this one's a nut case and she's using this blog for advertising. Well, okay, you're right on both counts. I will also add that I do not lie. You will be exposed to the coolest patterns and textiles through this site--some very new takes on design, but still simple and doable. You will also find this a running narrative on creative ideas, ranging from how I came up with an original design to ways to incorporate design into your thinking process. by every so often and stop in.

Happy Quilting Travels

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