Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Using Patterns to Expand Possibilities

Use patterns that you purchase to expand design opportunities. When designing "Simple Elegance Table Dressings", I did not include directions for table pads or runners since there are so many different types of table sizes and shapes. Using the basic pattern and directions, the placemats will fit round, square, or rectangular tables. You can easily design your own desired shape, width and length for a pad or runner using the techniques explained within the pattern. For the pad shown, I started with a basic square (a bit smaller than desired) and applied the borders in the manner as for the placemats. You will need to shape the corners of the square before sewing on the borders. Simply cut off the four corners (right angle triangles) all equally. Cut small at first to visualize the shape of the pad. You can always increase the cut. Just remember to cut the four corners equally. Use the same method to create a runner to accompany the placemats, or smaller serving dishes pads. See earlier posts below to discover how to use cuttings from your original placemats for pads, using up your cuttings.
Something more on possibilities...............shown at left is the Business Card Caddy from the pattern "Sophisticated Trio of Handbag Accessories". Many of us do not need or carry business cards. I use mine when I want to travel light and not carry a purse. I place my driver's license, bank card, and a couple of greenbacks inside. Fits nicely in a shirt pocket while jogging or attending busy events.

Shown at right, gifting ideas using stash fabrics and the eyeglass/sunglass pattern. To ensure your projects sew up as in the photos, I recommend Warm & Natural needled cotton batting.

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