Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creating One-of-a-Kind Projects

Occasionally, you may want to create a project for which no pattern exists, such as the wall quilt pictured. I started with a graphic image selected from the works of M.C. Escher for a long-ago contest I entered sponsored by Quilters Newsletter Magazine in which contestants interpreted their favorite artist. The cut-away sphere and background are both designs of the brilliant Escher. I hand pieced the background, then appliqued the sphere on top. Blenders and other fabrics that seem to "read" as solids are great playgrounds for experimenting with depth and value.
Tip for producing a wall quilt that doesn't sag: when cutting backing fabric, ensure that the up and down grain (as it hangs on the wall) is cut parallel to the selvage edge. It is the direction of grain that is most stable. Test this by tugging, with both hands, the direction of the selvage grain, then the cross cut (or width of fabric) direction.

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