Sunday, August 11, 2013

Apple Core in Kaffe Fassett

 Now that we're within spittin' distance of fall, this little piece (33" x 42") in Kaffe Fassett stripes with eggplant backing is just the project to experiment with an apple core pattern. I used Pellon Legacy 100%  Natural Cotton batting and machine topstitched using the sewing foot as a guide to stitch 1/4" away from seam lines.
The quilt is bound with double-fold bias strips cut from the same fabric as backing and hand sewn to close the backside.

Use this small quilt as wall art, a baby quilt, or--my favorite--a bath mat. A cool way to add color and flair to the bath!
The trick to successfully sewing the individual apple core components together is to divide the seam lines into sections. For this fabric, I was able to simply fold the side of the fabric component I would be sewing on in half, then crease the fold at the seam line with my nail. I was not able to crease several ahead as the creases would relax by the time I got to pinning--I just creased two at a time that I would be immediately pinning and sewing. If your fabric won't crease visibly, a light pencil mark on the wrong side will work. Place the two fabric components, right sides together, in the usual manner, but pin the register marks (creases) first, then align the corners and pin, then ease the fabric between and pin. Use as many pins as needed to achieve a seam line free of tucks. Although this pattern is more effort than many, it's very satisfying when well done!

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