Monday, February 10, 2014

Novelty Print Cosmetic Bag

Who can resist those fun novelty aka conversational print fabrics? No resistance to buying them, but much resistance to cutting them up into pieces! Follows is one idea to lessen the guilt of owning and not using them, and while it won't use up a lot of yardage, it does allow you to show off one of your babies. These little vignettes were cut from a Robert Kaufman print (Who's That Girl), 9 1/2" x 5 1/2" and lined, adding some leftover heart appliques (see Valentine Treat Sacks) for embellishment. I used 9" x 5" Pellon 987 fusible fleece to add body, and threw in a 7" zipper. The 2 very small pieces of fabric shown in the photo were used to make a tab ending on each end of the zipper, to finish it before sewing into the black and white stripe/lining.  The zipper bling is a string of crewel yarn, I think--not sure as I do not do embroidery work of any kind--I just collect bits of stuff and use it whenever. The small oak and maple leaves on the zipper pull dangle are resin and purchased at  Hope you enjoyed the sharing!

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